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    Incorporation of “Cross-border Intercompany RMB Lending” Pilot into Offshore Cash Pool
    Current best practice is based on so-called ‘Cross Border Intercompany RMB Lending’ pilot as aforementioned. The current pilot allows lending RMB directly to an overseas parent or affiliate. As the Chinese entity doesn’t participate in the offshore notional pool directly, funds must actually move to an offshore entity. If this offshore entity owns a CNY account in the multi-currency, multi-entity, notional cash pool, the funds can be incorporated into this offshore liquidity management structure and be utilized as a collateral for borrowing in other currencies.

  • Tico Marugg is lid geworden van de groep Cash management   5 jaren, 9 maanden geleden · Bekijk

  • Tico Marugg is lid geworden   5 jaren, 9 maanden geleden · Bekijk