Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

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Part 1 The investment background
1. The investment setting
2. The asset allocation decision
3. Selecting investments in a global market
4. Organization and functioning of securities markets
5. Security market indicator series

Part 2 Developments in investment theory
6. Efficient capital markets
7. An introduction to portfolio management
8. An introduction to asset pricing models
9. Multifactor models of risk and return

Part 3 Valuation principles and practices
10. Analysis of financial statements
11. An introduction to security valuation
12. Macroeconomic and market analysis: the global asset allocation decision

Part 4 Analysis and management of common stocks
13. Stock market analysis
14. Industry analysis
15. Company analysis and stock valuation
16. Technical analysis
17. Equity portfolio management strategies

Part 5 Analysis and management of bonds
18. Bond fundamentals
19. The analysis and valuation of bonds
20. Bond portfolio management strategies

Part 6 Derivative security analysis
21. An introduction to derivative markets and securities
22. Forward and futures contracts
23. Option contracts
24. Swap contracts, convertible securities

Part 7 Specification and evaluation of asset management
25. Professional asset management
26. Evaluation of portfolio performance

Appendixes A-D

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